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Yuna - Decorate

I've discovered an amazing talented singer on YouTube. This actually an video she posted 3 years ago. I love that her songs have a beautiful message. Her songs are like unsaid words. And being that I am always gathering new material as a source of inspiration, I thought that Yuna is absolutely amazing.

In my current journey of rediscovering my artwork, I find myself particularly engaged to feminism and feminist themes. In my earlier posts, I had posted another song by Yuna and also a poem by Warsan Shire. Both Yuna and Warsan Shire are very inspirational to me right now, and their songs and poetry drives me to explore different imagery in my art that would allow me to connect to my viewers.

So I'm very excited that I found two iconic millenial female figures who are strong and convey powerful messages to women... and that these women represent an entirely unique community. I love that Yuna is Malaysian, although not Filipina, I'm happy that she's Asian and proudly celebrates her identity through freely expressing her sense of style. Definitely girl power!

Warsan Shire, expresses raw emotions so eloquently in her poetry, giving voice to the silent women all over the world. She reminds us women that our ancestors have fought hard for women to be empowered and embrace ourselves as women. I love that about her work.

So with all these things in mind, it would be interesting what art I would be able to come up with. I am excited and can't wait to interpret my thoughts visually.

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