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The gift of freedom, gold can't buy

I recreated Cinnamon Cooney's acrylic painting, which she has entitled "Hope's Swing." The original painting is slightly different, but the concept is similar. The reason why I did this painting is because I wanted to do something that wasn't commissioned and I just wanted to paint for fun where I didn't feel constrained by time or a specific design. I wanted to paint for me. I chose this image in particular because it resonated to me as well.

This image reminds me of my favorite verse in a song by Hillsong United which says, "The gift of freedom, gold can't buy." This image is the perfect reflection of that verse. The song was actually introduced to me by one of my college best friend. The title of the song is "Touch The Sky." What I love about this song is it's so simple yet so powerful. It spoke to my soul and I could relate to the song because I felt like it was my story.

Blessed and grateful for "the gift of freedom, gold can't buy."

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