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#CulturalStrokes: Different folks with different brush strokes.

Today, I came across a video that pulled at my heartstrings entitled, "I am not Black. You are not White," featuring the talented inspirational millenial poet, Prince Ea, advocating unity, love, acceptance, respect for one another. The video creatively portrays Prince Ea as the symbolical voice of empowerment. He is the voice of the people of the world, consisting of diverse individuals with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. He is the voice that eloquently articulates our plights on inequality perpetuated by the stereotype labels that we were conditioned to believe as truth since birth. This imagery is successfully executed in this video, though the video may appear to be simple with no complicated effects, but who's to say that there is no beauty in simplicity?

A simple portrayal method is effective as this allows the audience to focus on the message that Prince Ea is communicating to them.

Growing up as a third culture kid, I was exposed to people with different cultural backgrounds. I was brought to respect differences and to never condone prejudice or discrimantion. So I was very pleased to see this video. This video has in fact inspired me for my next project, themed: #CulturalStrokes - Different folks with different brush strokes.

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